Swedish Facial

Swedish facial is beauty treatment which includes gentle facial massage. It relaxes the facial muscles and stimulates blood vessels around the face. It also helps reduce puffy eyes, and wrinkles leaving the skin healthy and nourished with a warm glow.

60 mins.
Head & Shoulder Massage

It involves the gentle massaging of the heads and shoulders in muscles and nerves that holds tension and stress. Massaging these “energy channels” releases stress, induces relaxation and promotes the flow of positive energy.

60 mins

Shirodhara is form of Ayurvedic therapy which involves the slow and steady flow of warm sesame oil over the forehead. This helps purify the mind by alleviatling anxiety, reducing headaches and expanding awareness. It is also ideal for those suffering from insomnia, chronic headaches, premature greying hair and tension.

45 mins
Hair Spa

It involves a hair massaging treatment using olive oil to help relax and nourish the scalp and hair. This is followed by a shampoo wash and rinse. The results are stronger, healthier and shinier look hair. It is highly recommended for those with dry, damaged and rough hair.

45 mins
Body Scrub

Body polish begins with a body scrub using raw coffee or fresh Aloe Vera which exfoliates dead skin. After a quick shower, the therapist applies herbal lotion which moisturises and nourishes the skin. It is an invigorating treatment for your skin and helps you look and feel good.

45 mins.
Body Polish

Similar to the body scrub, the body polish is a skin treatment for the body. However, in a the body polish we use edible brown sugar to help exfoliate the dead skin. This leaves the skin feeling soft and shiny.

45 mins.
Body Wrap

The body wrap begins by applying fresh papaya puree throughout the body, while avoiding joints area. The body is then wrapped with either bandages or plastic sheets and left for a few moments. This helps nourish the skin and well as flush out toxins. It also helps promote weight loss. A quick shower leaves you looking and feeling fabulous.

45 mins.
Swedish Body Massage

The Swedish massage is a classic and relaxing massage that aims to improve blood circulation and release toxins from stressed muscles. Using a combination of strokes including gliding, kneading and rhythmic tapping, it helps induce complete relaxation while easing aches and pains in the joints and muscles.

60 mins.
Ayurvedic Body Massage

Ayurvedic body massage is based on the belief of balancing the charkas of the body to restore energy. Pure camphor oil is applied with a combination of palming, punching and pressure massaging techniques to help remove lactic acid and toxins from the body. This also helps revitalise muscles and joints and while restoring energy and balance.

60 mins.
Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage therapy focuses on the deeper layer of the muscles and connective tissues. Using high pressure massaging techniques, the focus is to loosen deep muscle tissues, release toxins and improve blood circulation. It is common to feel sore immediately after this therapy which eventually subsides. It is highly recommended for people with chronic back pain, stiffness, tense shoulders and sports related pain.

60 mins.
Aroma Therapy Massage

This massage uses pure essential oils to relieve stress and anxiety while delighting the senses. Using only natural oils, it helps improve metabolism, blood circulation and alleviate physical and mental fatigue. This is a perfect therapy to bring balance and harmony of body and mind.

60 mins.
Trekkers Massage

The Trekkers massage involves a combination of Thai and Ayurvedic massages including stretching and deep pressure massage techniques. Camphor oil is used with massages targeting the neck, shoulder and back which helps loosen stiff muscles and unlock the flow of energy. It is highly recommend before and after trekking tours, to relax muscles, improve blood circulation and restore energy.

60 mins.
Thai Massage

Also known as a dry massage, Thai massage uses a variety of pressure and stretching techniques to loosen tight muscles and clear obstructed energy lines. Massaging pressure points and stretching also helps relieve muscle tensions, stress and improve flexibility. This is an excellent massage for those looking to improve energy flow and mobility.

60 mins.
Hot Stone Therapy

In Hot Stone therapy, we use black stones that are rich in iron, an so retain heat, and only release it slowly over the course of the treatment. The combination of heat and pressure massage actions helps the body relax and relieve stress quicker than other massages. It is ideally suited for those seeking a light massage and suffering from back pain, arthritis or insomnia.

60 mins.
Steam Bath & Sauna Bath

A steam bath is an excellent way to detoxify your body. It opens up skin pore releasing toxins while cleansing the skin with steam. A steam bath is highly recommended before any beauty treatment involving exfoliation. It is also recommended to increase circulation, reduce stress and for those suffering from sinus, infected throat or cold symptoms.

A sauna bath detoxifies the body by increasing the body temperature and thus releasing toxins through sweat. Drinking plenty of water is highly recommendation to avoid dehydration. It is highly recommended for people that prefers a dry heat, or if suffering from back pains or arthritis.

60 mins.
Foot Reflexology             

Foot reflexology involves massaging of the foot and applying pressure on certain to help the body relax and improve the flow of energy. It is a non-intrusive massage, that helps the legs and body relax. It especially recommended for those who’ve been on their feet all day.

60 mins

Manicure session begins with a brush and scrub to exfoliate keratinized cells from your fingers. This is followed by the nails being cut and filed, with cuticles being cleaned in the process. The session send with a gentle hand massage leaving the hands smooth and soft.

45 mins

Pedicure session begins with the feet being cleaned using a brush and pumice stone. This is followed by the nails being cut and filed, with cuticles being cleaned in the process. The session ends with a gentle foot massage.

45 mins
Half Leg Wax 20 Mins
Full Leg Wax 40 mins
Under Arms 15 mins
Hand and Arms 30 mins
Bikini 20 mins
Whole Body 60 - 90 mins
Threading Upper Lips
Threading Eyebrow Shaping