Rejuvenate your senses with this nurturing and relaxing package. A body scrub with raw coffee or fresh Aloe Vera is the perfect way to exfoliate dead skin cells while nourishing your delicate skin. The Swedish or classic massage provides ultimate relaxation with its combination of light strokes, kneading and tapping motions. It helps relieve light muscle pain and joint stiffness and stimulates blood circulation.

A Foot reflexology or pedicure is the perfect way to end a full body treatment with much of the stress areas and nerves located at the foot.

Body Scrub (45mins) + Swedish Body Massage (60mins) + Scalp Massage (30 /15mins) + Foot Massage (30 / 15mins) / Pedicure (60mins) 2hr 45 mins APPROX.
Re-energise your body with an intense fully body treatment. The treatment begins with an intense deep tissue massage that aims to relieve stress from muscular pains and ailments. Camphor oil is applied to specific muscular regions to help relieve stress and relax the entire body. The foot massage help further target muscles through nerves located at the feet. It ends with a head massage that helps to mentally de-stress and re-energise.

Deep Tissue Massage (60mins) + Head Massage (15mins) + Foot Massage (15mins) 90 mins APPROX.
Nourish body and mind for those adventurers who haven’t been too kind to their bodies. The treatment begins with a steam and/or sauna session which helps release toxins and impurities in the body. It also helps the body warm up for an intensive physical massage. The body scrub with Aloe Vera or raw coffee exfoliates and nourishes the skin damaged from outdoor weather.

Trekkers massage is a combination of Thai and Ayurvedic massages and includes a variety of targeted acupressure, stretching and oil massages techniques. It helps relax muscles and joints and improves blood circulation throughout the body. The Swedish facial helps cleanse your nourish your face using natural ingredients including raw milk, honey, cucumber almond and aloe vera.

A Foot reflexology or pedicure is the perfect way to end a full body treatment with much of the stress areas and nerves located at the foot.

Steam / Sauna (20-30mins) + Body Scrub (45mins) + Trekkers Massage (60mins) + Swedish Facial (60mins) +Foot Massage / Pedicure (30mins) 2hr 45 mins APPROX
This is the ultimate beauty package for women (and men) of all ages to achieve beautiful and youthful skin. The treatment begins with hair spa with a nourishing scalp treatment using pure olive oil and vitamin E to help achieve rich and shiny hair. The body polish and Swedish facial treatments include the two stages of exfoliation and nourishment which help get rid of dead skin cells and nourish the skin to minimise wrinkles. Both help to rejuvenate your skin and make it looking younger (than it already is). Manicure / pedicure are the final treatment to keep your entire body looking good.

Hair Spa (45mins) + Body Polish (45mins) + Swedish Facial (60mins) + Manicure (30mins) + Pedicure (45mins) 3hr 45 mins APPROX

Note   :

  • Please consult prior to the session to decide the right package for you.
  • Light meals are available upon request. Additional charges will apply.
  • Advanced booking is mandatory
  • For bookings, please allocate sufficient time to allow the treatment to be completed during spa opening hours.